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About us

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Jazz Nouveau - the brainchild of Joseph Calderazzo, was birthed one afternoon in 2003 whilst trying to figure out how he could transform songs that were well known and current into pieces that carried an air of timeless sophistication.

Creating rhythms that echo the heartbeat of the modern metropolis they call home, Jazz Nouveau have developed a sound that not only uniquely reverberates the city of Sydney, it also merges tantalizing cosmopolitan flavours with a classic attention grabbing vintage style!

The band features a revolving door of amazing Sydney musicians with regular players being: New Zealand prodigy Charmaine Ford on piano, the "Good Doctor" Dave Goodman on drums, the debonair Gary Holgate who lets the double bass know exactly who’s the boss, the elegant Ms Evelyn Duprai who tastefully sings it all from a whisper to a shout, and of course, Joseph on guitar.

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